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So in love with this man :) so happy

This is me after a two mile hike down the Grand Canyon and back. I was not thrilled, to say the least…

This is me after a two mile hike down the Grand Canyon and back. I was not thrilled, to say the least…

Beware of the ramble..

Okay so I have to write about this – now that I live in a bigger city vs smaller town Iowa, where, let’s face it, we just don’t see nearly as much homelessness, I have some serious bones to pick about the way people approach me for assistance or money.
I was stopped yesterday in a skyway downtown by a man who smelled nice, very friendly, dressed the same way any other person out on an errand might be, and was very well-spoken.

He grabbed my attention by asking me as I was walking by, “Are you a Minnesotan?” Since I have my MN license, I said yes, then clarified I was Iowan and Midwestern so yeah. He made a few comments about how he didn’t want to offend me, but he had yet to run into a “Minnesota Nice” citizen. I was actually surprised, because I happen to think we are all pretty nice all the time. He also made some dumb comment about how I was a white girl and he “wasn’t a scary black man” and I seriously wanted to slap him. I don’t GAF if you’re black, shut up – you know black people exist in Iowa, too, right??!

He began to explain –

He LEAD with the fact that he was from Boston, had a BA from some university I had not heard of nor gave an F about, and he also managed to show me the screen background to his Samsung Note 3 cell phone – a shining purple picture of JESUS, explained he’d parked his Ford Taurus (shows me his automatic starter on his hip) on Washington ave and has managed to get the car towed. He then proceeds to tell me how disappointed he is in the law enforcement because when he asked how to get to his vehicle they allegedly thought the vehicle was stolen and wouldn’t help (wtf? Ok) and then said how he’d already been to all the charities for assistance. This was due to the fact that his ID and wallet (things you NEED to claim your car from the tow lot) were locked in his glove compartment in the towed vehicle.

FINALLY he gets to the point – he wants my money. I gave him the $6 I had just so he would shut up because at this point he’s already wasted 15 minutes of my 45 minute lunch telling me all these little details to make him SEEM LIKE A BETTER PERSON.

After I gave him what cash I was comfortable donating, he had the nerve to ask me to walk him to an ATM so he could borrow then reimburse me for what cash I could get out. I am a polite person to a fault, but even at this point I was fine saying “I’m not comfortable with that, but good luck,” and walked away.
I hadn’t thought much of it at the time, but after that is when I began thinking & I started getting like… REALLY annoyed and pissed off. I realized it was because maybe he didn’t get towed. I’m sorry, but what innocent person in random need of a one-time favor thinks of ALL OF THOSE LITTLE ACCENTS TO THEIR SCHPIEL (flashing the pic of Jesus, mentioning his college degree, telling me what kind of car he had AND that he could afford an automatic starter for it – AND pressuring me to prove him wrong, that all MN people ARE nice by getting me to be like “here let me prove it by giving you my money!”) Sorry buddy, in MN people are on FOOD STAMPS and own the S you own, so it doesn’t really prove anything, nor should what you’re trying to prove MATTER to me. I either can afford and wanna donate, or I don’t and won’t.

NO ONE who has never asked for money before thinks of all of those things. No one. Might I add that your religion, your degree, and the car you drive have NOTHING TO DO WITH WHETHER YOURE A GOOD PERSON OR NOT OMG HOW SHALLOW DO YOU THINK I AM?!?!?! Maybe it’s just my experiences in MN that are making me more cynical – I mean.. you start to judge who deserves your charity and who doesn’t, even though you have no idea what the truth is. My only real issue is if a drunk person asks me for money. F that, no I’m not contributing to your stupid habit. If you want me to go buy you a sandwich, sure, but I swear to god if you ask me for help and then give me a stank face when I say I’ll go buy you food GO F YOURSELF – YOU OBVIOUSLY EARNED YOUR SPOT ON THE CURB. Check your priorities.

Sorry, that was super mean of me, but I just feel taken advantage of and yes while I choose to make the purchases I do, I have bills to pay as well. For F’s sake I don’t even take advantage of cable or internet at my apartment because I happen to have other priorities. So if you’re as ignorant as I can be and you look at my Burberry bag and think I’ve got cash just spewed all over my 367ft shack of an apartment, you’re wrong.
That beautiful smoked nova check bag is a fake – and a damn good one. So suck it, aHole.

I move out of my studio apt I’ve been in for the past year and a half this next week… Although I’m super excited to live with Sean, part of me will miss this tiny space. It represented me well.

Ps none of my friends have been in it except chelsie for twenty mins, britt for five mins, and the one random three days I lent it to my friend Cindy while she and her bf were fighting.

Otherwise it was very much my own protected space. I really don’t think I WANTED any people in it.

Like it was holy ground or something.

Ohhhh Calvin Harris at Hakkasan 😍

So ready to go out on the town!!

So ready to go out on the town!!


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