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“You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling [unsure] and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.”

—Louis C.K. (via theemperorofthenorth)

Needed to see this.

(via fritzy122)

(via fritzy122)

Overwhelmed maybe

I feel like so many people take on more than I do and yet I’m the baby that panics about it all.

I’m on an acquisition team at work and I finally solidified a contact and set up an event and everything all my myself! And then I go and have a panic attack and have to stay home from work today cause I’m too medicated to work. Sucks. So now even though I did all the legwork someone else gets to go and get all the productivity from it.

Part of my panic was just that, though. And moving. And Sean’s family always seeming to have some thing or event that costs $50-$100 that I feel obligated to attend.

I hate and love how many things his family does all the time. I love what they do but financially I need to say no more often. Doesn’t help when Sean asks more than once cause he wants me to come w and I have to reiterate that I cannot and should not. I just feel stupid and guilty after that. Ugh.

Hopefully today I can kick whatever funk this is and be fine tomorrow. I have way too much to do to let my brain ruin it for me.

Man, this emotional roller coaster is for the birds.

Having a low day.
I don’t like these very much.

“I NEED to delete pictures off my phone but I’m such a photo hoarder like I never know when this pic could come in handy I can’t delete that.”

—(via quotecomedy)



I’m so thankful for my boyfriend. We really needed this time spent together this weekend. Even if it was just for a night. I love him. So very, very much.

It’s scary to recognize or let myself love this hard again. And our relationship is still incredibly new..but all I know is I get lost…

Speaking from the perspective of how life changes from singledom to being in a relationship, those around you get VERY used to your single self. They love that you have so much time to dedicate etc but it’s also tough to accept a friend may be more consumed when they fall in love.

Not to put people down AT ALL but it is our single friends who have a harder time with a new relationship.

I’ve always been the kind of girl who isolated herself a little bit the last time I was single because I was also depressed those couple of years, but people still brought up a difference when I spent time w Sean over them. The only reason I did that though was because my roommate didn’t like him. She didn’t like any of my boyfriends ever. Unless we broke up then she somehow managed to get past everything and become better friends w them than I am lol so what the fuck ever. But yeh, if you can’t find a good dynamic then you gotta make a new one.

Just be yourself be honest and be up front. I just can’t see how if you’re going to start a life with someone, that you can’t be expected to spend more time w that person than others. You shouldn’t neglect your friends because they’re absolutely necessary BUT you can’t disregard your relationship either. Good friends and you being honest and reachable will make for a better line of communication.

And honestly I’ve never gone in a good direction if a friend gave me an ultimatum like “it’s boyfriend or me!” Like if ANYONE tells me it’s them or anything else, I’ll choose anything else because that’s not what proposed the ultimatum and those are dumb as hell.


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