i'm 25, i like photography, fashion, and music. oh and food, so you'll probably see lots of those things here, in no particular order.

I’m so restless.

Thank god it’s summer. If I was being held back in my career on TOP of horrible weather and my typical winter-bumming, I’d be miserable. At least I can distract myself with vball softball sun and rooftops. Vacations, too!

One full week at work then off to Waupaca for a week with my family :) I love my fam vacation - I look forward to it every year probably just as much as my grandma who orchestrates the entire thing.

I’m just tired of dreading work. It’s only been a week or two, but I’m just trying my hardest not to check out.

I’m still so disappointed that my management is holding me back. Hopefully this doesn’t last much longer. I really don’t want to start resenting anyone. I’m better than that. I just have to stay positive and remind myself to kick ass so I get even more positive exposure within the company.

Sooooooonnnn. Ugh.

Sold my car. Waaaaahhh I’m going to miss my Saturn :(

You guys. I’ve finally figured out how to text gifs. My life is forever changed..

Watched a documentary (well, started it but couldn’t finish) about eating disorders and my first thought about some of the patients was “she’s not even that thin”.

That’s fucked up. And I know personally that you can have EDs without being thin. It’s mental. It’s the battle that’s there. And it’s always there. And I’m sitting here watching this girl talk about how her mom has an ED too and they used to fuel each other’s obsessions.

That is my worst fear. That is why I eat. That is why I lift weights and give myself a break and try to find something beautiful about myself every day.

Cause I want to have a child someday and I do not want to be responsible for fucking up her or his body image.

That’s a lot of pressure :/


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