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I’m sorry but

How in the world does dumping ice water over your head help any disease? Sure. You can argue saying that tons of donation money has been brought in because of these annoying videos and you’re definitely right. But it just brings me back to how ENRAGED I was on behalf of women with cancer when all these “picture of myself with no make up on!” posts circulated. I mean, do you really think a freshly showered face of one person helps another girl feel beautiful when she’s miserable? In physical pain? Maybe not even feeling like a woman anymore?

I’m sure this isn’t the intended reaction but this stupid shit fucking pisses me off. And I will donate. And no I will not take some dumb video of myself for attention. Sorry if this offends anyone. It just really offends ME…


wake up open the curtains


take a shower then dry my hair


come down stairs ready for breakfast


greet the mailman


Dying right now ahahahahahaha

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A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman for Vogue September 2014

proud of this mane.. step outside the box. 

Holy shit. I like A$AP but this makes me love him. And I love Chanel. This photo set is so beautiful and dynamic.

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2 minute sex? his right hand is a lucky lady

Omg this guy. This tool right here. Smh.


2 minute sex? his right hand is a lucky lady

Omg this guy. This tool right here. Smh.

How do people do it?

How are so many people so aware of every horrible thing that goes on and yet they can still live their day to day lives?


I physically cannot wrap my head and heart around what Ferguson may be or the problems in Gaza or this ISIS threat.

The second I read about it, I feel guilty for even being alive and then become completely overwhelmed.

I don’t know how to be ‘reasonably politically aware’. I can’t even read sad dog posts on Facebook without it completely fucking me up for hours.

How do people do it?

I am the whiniest sick person ever. I’m such a baby. I think my “I hate being sick” meltdown just freaked Sean out. Agghhhhhhh I hate being sick.

Anonymous asked: “Softness is not weakness. 
It takes courage to stay delicate 
in a world this cruel.”


Yes I have that written in my quote book! 


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